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MP Film Camera and Lenses
Reduce, Recyle, Reuse
Morning on Main Street
The First Snow - Going Home
The First Snow - Sunset and Steam Cloud
Shelter for the Homeless Cat
After the Snow Melts
Waiting for Lunchtime
Empty Benches in Early Morning
Special Rights
Looking Up

Leica film camera with winder and Summicron 28mm, Summicron 35mm lenses.

Used tires. Leica Monochrom with Summilux 50mm.

Morning on Main Street with the Monochrom and Summilux 50mm.

The First Snow - Going Home - Monochrom and Summilux 50mm.

Sunset and Steam Cloud - Leica Monochrom and Elmar 50mm Collapsable.

Shelter for the Homeless Cat - Monochrom with 50mm Summilux

After the snow melts - Monochrom with 35mm Summilux

Leica Monochrom with Elmarit 24mm

Empty Benches in Early Morning - Monochrom with Summilux 35mm

Graffiti in Old Town



100 Years of Leica began January 21, 1914 when Oskar Barnack finished creating the first Leica camera.  Today, that camera has evolved into the Leica MP for film and the image quality and photographic experience is combined in various digital models.  In celebration, I will be adding images all year to this page in a slideshow to depict my point of view through and of Leica.  Leica has provided me the tools for my expression and I am continually learning.  Thank you, Mr. Barnack.

last update:  March 28, 2014