My images are stored in Portfolios, shared in discussions through Photo Outings and also published in different sources, including Leica Fotografie International.  Click on these topics for more information.

  • LFI Mastershots – Lecia Fotografie International publishes the a Leica based magazine and provides a place for Leica photographers to share images.  The moderators are made up of a select group of well known photographers.  In part, these moderators take submissions of Leica photographs and accept a very few called ‘Mastershots.’  This page will take you to some of the images I have submitted and were accepted as Mastershots by LFI.
  • Portfolio – My portfolio is a constant work in progress.  Frequently an image may sit for several months before I decide on a topic or portfolio.  For other items, I have been collecting images for some time and maybe it just finally feels right to publish them.  My portfolio contains a variety of artistic and technical images.  Some are for sale and some are not.  If you have questions about my work, pricing or would like to consider hiring me, drop me an email.
  • Photo Outings – a term I use for a group of photographs I take in an area or during an event.  It is typically a short session but becomes my study of some subject.  It could be a building, weather pattern, public event, family event or any other subject.  Sometimes I discuss the techniques I used, sometimes the subject and sometimes the results from the lens or exposures.