Brad Pitt Leica Photos From 2008

My wife recently found an interesting resurface of photographs taken by Brad Pitt of his wife, Angelina Jolie, and their family. The first thing I noticed was the cover shot of Brad holding his Leica. It was in 2008 and the camera looks like a black M-9. The grain, or noise, reminds me of the M-9 high ISO.

Brad Pitt is certainly an artist and the photographs are superb. I like the use of dark and light. I like the focus on Angelina’s lips, a very important feature in her face. The photographs of their children also do what they should – show the interaction and love between parent, child and photographer. This has always been a part of Leica photography and it shows well here.

Way to go Brad!


  1. Brad on the cover is holding a analogue Leica M.
    You can see the film-rewind on his right thumb.
    I think it is a M6 or M7 because only these two has this special rewind.
    These shots are film with high ISO. Most films wit high ISO dont have good quality and a lot of noise. It can’t be the M9 the M9 was released in September 2009.

    • Manuel, you are correct, the camera in the magazine cover is not an M-9. I looked at it more closely, and the magazine was actually from the March 2007 issue, which was 1 year before the M8 and 2 years before the M9. If you look closely you do see the rewind knob. The shutter speed dial is the larger variety, so it has to be an M6-ttl or an M7. It looks like the lettering is red, but then so does the paint on the lens (which I think is a 50mm summilux). There was a black laquer edition 50mm with red lettering, but it was fairly rare. I’m going to guess that the color is really yellow and just an effect of the web image. This would place the body as an M6-ttl. Good catch Manuel, thanks!

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