This is the home of all things Fuji X100s, or at least my experience with this breakthrough in this reduced size sensor outfit.

These are various images taken with the FujiFilm X100s.  All of these images are JPEG’s processed in the camera and uploaded without adjustments (other than adding the copyright watermark).  This seems to be one of the very strong points of this camera.  Important camera characteristics of the X100s include the solid body construction, great access to critical controls and easy manual modes coupled with a strong 35mm (effective) lens.  Then, the camera has a great processor that provides unique control over the JPEG output.  I thought I would never suggest using JPEGs when RAW images are available, however this is an exception.  It also adds a challenge component to using the X100S.  The exposure must be thought out and right on to use a native JPEG.  I will continue to review uses of the X100s in certain challenging photographic situations to see how the JPEG production works.  For now, it’s a great, compact, point and shoot for avoiding missed photo opportunities.  The resulting JPEG’s are detailed enough for my use in A3 printing or 13×19.  I’m also working on producing a “digital density curve” to understand the dynamic range.   Links will be posted here as I get the content created.

Fujifilm X100s Information

Fujifilm X100s JPEG Photo Wall

Fujifilm X100s – Current Firmware

Current firmware for the Fujifilm X100s – 1.03