Windows Fix for Script Errors in Lightroom

Matt at the Turning Gate found a good fix for windows user’s that run into script errors when using Lightroom. Joe at the Lightroom Gallery posted it for us. See the Fix Article Here. Thanks guys!

Web Galleries and Templates – Confusing Terms

Adobe Lightroom has specific terms when it comes to web galleries, templates, saved settings and presets. When you use a word processor, you refer to a template as a base for filling in the blanks and creating a new document. In Lightroom, this type of template is referred to as… 

Lightroom Tip#15 – Web Gallery Templates No Longer Work

Isn’t it great that many developers on the web are constantly refining their web galleries and releasing new versions? One of the problems that creates is Web Templates for the Web Galleries that no longer work. If you try and load a template and get the following error, then follow… 

Lightroom Tip#13 – Backing Up Lightroom Templates

I wrote a workflow article on backing up Lightroom templates and I felt it was so important, I wanted to create a tip here as well. Do not forget to make this most important backup. See the full article here: Backing Up Lightroom.

Backing Up Your Lightroom Templates

Adobe has created such wonderful efficiencies in templates that it is almost a crime not to use them. Considering the amount of time in creating and perfecting them, especially when it comes to Printing templates, backing up the templates is not only a MUST, it is the top item on…