Moore’s Cove – Pisgah National Forest

Today we took the kids and went up to Brevard, NC near where I grew up. We spent some time hiking in Pisgah at one of my favorite trail stops – Moore’s Cove. This used to be a little known and hidden trail. It’s at the second bride after Looking Glass Falls and now there is a small parking area and a wooden bridge across the stream.

Follow the path to the end through a few muddy spots and some long log bridges and you will find a waterfall. This small, but unique falls has a variety of waterflow depending on the season and how dry it is. Fortunately, this time the water was flowing well!

The falls comes down about 70 feet or so from a large rock outcropping. There is about 15 yards behind the falls that is dry and has plenty of sitting rocks. It is this area that interests me most. The rocks have a variety of mineral and sediment lines giving some interesting tones. Also, the light decreases further in and the sharp cuts out of the rock in certain places create sharp contrast further enhancing the tones.

I tried a variety of shots close up to the rock and further back allowing the light to play in each composition. After I get these developed, I’ll add one here and discuss it.

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