Lightroom 2 Beta Installation

The installation of Lightroom 2 Beta was easy and went without a hitch. I wanted to be sure that I could operate the beta version along side the current stable 1.3 version and this is what I did.

I followed the installation prompts as Adobe set them out. Fortunately, Adobe defaulted the installation to a unique directory. Be sure to keep the installation out of your current working version or you will overwrite your working copy.

Another plus, was not having to worry about entering authorization codes. Since I have version 1.3 already installed on my machine, installing version 2.0 copied the files and then left us ready to go!

I have had zero problems running both version 1.3 and version 2.0 beta side by side, although not at the same time. You can run one version at a time, but I haven’t found a way to run two versions simultaneously. Even clicking on the program icon will not start a second session with a different version. I’m sure this is by design.

More to come!

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