Virtual Machine List

After getting a few tests and trials to run with VMWare Workstation and ending up with acceptable execution speed, I began to plan the types of machines I needed. This is how my list ended up:

Operating System Machines – Base Class

  • Win2k Base – Windows 2000 with Firefox, Thunderbird, Acrobat, Flash and Spybot
  • Win2k Plus – Win2k Base with Open Office
  • Win2k Enterprise – Win2k Base with SQL and IIS
  • WinXP Base – Windows XP with Firefox, Thunderbird, Acrobat, Flash and Spybot
  • WinXP Plus – WinXP Base with Open Office (or MS Office)
  • Suse Linux Base – Base Suse Linux Install
  • Suse Linux LAMP – Base Suse Linux with Apache, MySQL and PHP


  • Win2k Plus – Finance Programs
  • WinXP Base – Lightroom and Photography
  • Win2k Plus – Writing
  • Win2k Plus – Hobbies
  • Win2k Plus – Visual Studio Programming
  • Suse Linux LAMP – Test Web Site for Publishing

These machines all have varying disk sizes, memory requirements and settings to allow for fast execution. I will address each of these items and the workarounds I discovered in future posts.

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