LRG Complete 4.1

Anyone that is visiting here and has not seen the terrific work that Joe is doing over at Lightroom Galleries is missing out! At the beginning of this month, Joe released version 4.1 of LRG Complete which fixes some of the bugs in this new, heavily updated version of the best Lightroom Galleries Gallery around. If you need a web site creator that allows you to sell photography using Googlecheckout, PayPal and / or Email, then this is for you.

Joe’s template allows custom fonts, unlimited galleries and additional pages, custom menuing, contact pages and so many choices to customize the look and feel, we had to write 2 books – one for a manual and one for advanced work!

See LRG Complete at Lightroom Galleries and download this free addon to Lightroom.


  1. Looking for help!

    Im loving LRG4 best creation ever..but…Im having a few technical issues with putting my own slideshow script on the main page of my site (currently a loading gallery bar is there) I need to know where I place my slideshow script and would like the loading gallery to be gone.. I have perfered not to use corlisis (piclens) and would like to use my own….Is there anyone out there that can help me with this or let me know who to contact?

    Thanks a bunch

    Also blog and site by the way;)

  2. Because of the way LRG Complete has been created, you cannot add custom script inside pages.

    However, there are many, many options available to customize. We are also working on new technology that will be available in Lightroom 3.0 from Adobe.

    The slideshow feature is on the top of our list!

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