Lightroom Seminar on Web Site Development

Based on the questions I received from a presentation I did last night for the Charlotte Photography Meetup Group in North Carolina, I have decided to put together a few seminars that build on the concepts that I showed were possible with Lightroom.

My thoughts right now are to do a basic seminar that uses the Lightroom Web Galleries that came with the product and maybe a few other third party plug ins that are relatively simple. I might include some information on various web hosting services that work well with lightroom and how to set that up as well. I thought we might then do a second, more advanced seminar on setting up an E-Commerce site to sell photography. My intention would be the basic seminar would be for ‘newbies’ to using the web module and the advanced would build on those concepts.

I will put together a summary of the topics we could cover and then get that over to the guys at the Charlotte Photography Meetup Group to see if there is enough interest.

My thinking now is that we could plan this for the late summer to give me enough time to prepare material and a workbook that provides both reference and exercises to make sure we learn the material.

Comment here if you are interested in having me do this!


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so interested in a Lightroom seminar on website development. I attended your CPMG presentation last night. It was excellent! But, a more hand-on training is definitely needed.

  2. I really appreciate you taking the time to teach the group some very important Lightroom web techniques.

    I hope we have have you out to speak to the Charlotte Photography Meetup Group again.


    Rich Nicoloff – website & gallery – blog

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