Switching Black Cartridges in an Epson R2400

I do not switch between matte and glossy paper often with my Epson R2400 because of the loss of ink. However, recently I did make the switch and put my PK cartridge in after running the ink out of my matte cartridge. Alas, the printer driver on my iMac, using… 

Lightroom 4 Fix For External Editing

Ok, Yes, it has been awhile since I posted. I have continued to enjoy photography even picking up a new camera or lens now and then. I also enjoyed publishing several blurb books with success exceeding my expectations. However, today’s post is about a solution for the nagging new problem… 

Windows Fix for Script Errors in Lightroom

Matt at the Turning Gate found a good fix for windows user’s that run into script errors when using Lightroom. Joe at the Lightroom Gallery posted it for us. See the Fix Article Here. Thanks guys!