Archival Paper

As part of our process to provide you with Museum Quality Fine Art, we start with Special Archival Papers. These papers include a Luster Paper, a Velvet Paper and an UltraSmooth paper. Each has slightly different properties and advantages. Each also has a different archival life ranging from estimated lives of 75 years under glass to 175 years under a UV blocking material.

Paper Types

Paper Types

The Luster paper is the only resin coated paper we use. It has the shortest archival life of 75 years under glass and 100 years under UV blocking material. The advantage of the Luster paper is the finest level of detail in the photograph and the widest range of tones. The paper surface has a luster finish similar to what you might get from a portrait studio. The disadvantage is the shorter archival life.

Velvet paper is a 100% cotton rag paper with an acid free base to preserve the Fine Art images. Of all the cotton papers it has the hightest D-Max rating providing the most detail in the high light areas of the photographs. The paper also has a slight texture to the surface providing a Fine Art feel. The paper is estimated to last 61 years under glass and 125 years under UV blocking materials.

UltraSmooth paper is a 100% cotton hot press paper that is not only acid free but also pH buffered to preserve Fine Art for the longest period. The hot press surface gives it the highest level of detail in the photograph of any of the cotton papers. The surface is extremely smooth as the name suggests. The paper is estimated to last 108 years under glass and 175 years under UV protected material.

Each Fine Art photograph we offer lists the type of paper used for the print. We choose the paper based on the print size and the level of detail and constrast in the print. We strive to produce the longest lasting print with the best level of details and contrast.

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