Lightroom Tip #4 – Typing the Copyright Symbol in Lightroom

Typing the copyright symbol, or ©, in Lightroom is simple! Hold down the ‘Alt’ key on the keyboard and type 0, 1, 6 and 9 on the numberpad. Voila! The copyright symbol appears. If it doesn’t work, be sure you are keeping the ‘Alt’ key pressed the entire time and use the numbers on the numberpad, not above the letters. UPDATED: Note that for the mac, the key press is option-g to type the © symbol.


  1. This does not work on a laptop which has no numbers keys.

  2. Many laptops have a number pad in the keyboard that use keys on the right hand side. Frequently, there is a ‘fn’ key near shift and alt that is used to access these numberpad keys. On my older laptops, these keys were written in blue and the ‘fn’ key was also blue. If you have this type of setup, press and hold the alt key, then the ‘fn’ key and use the numberpad built in.

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