Lightroom Window Loses Buttons

When exporting images in Microsoft Windows, which can take a considerable amount of time depending on size and volume, the screen saver will probably kick in. If you are burning these images to CD or DVD, then a dialog box comes up for each disk asking about burn information and disk naming.

After bringing the screen out of screen saver or hibernation, the dialog box may show, but now controls or text may be present.

Move the mouse over the dialog box and the buttons and drop down box will show again. However, only the active buttons will show. If no blank CD or DVD is in the burner, the Burn button will not show even when moving the mouse over the dialog box. Insert a blank CD or DVD, wait a moment and try again.

Note that none of the labels or text show, just the drop down box and buttons.

Everything appears to work fine and none of the export or burn appear lost. I assume this is an operating system and programming issue.

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