Identity Plate Known Bug in Lightroom 1.4

Adobe indicated that there is a known bug in Lightroom version 1.4 that affects the Identity Plate overlays in the printing module. We reproduce that bug below to show you how to fix it.

In the print module the Overlays section looks like the image to the left. Notice you can check the Indentity Plate box and the Render on every image box. This will cause the text or graphic to show on every picture selected to print. This is true for contact sheets and other forms of printing.

Now try to deselect ONLY the Identity Plate checkbox. Notice in the image below how the Render on every image checkbox is greyed out, but still checked. Also notice the identity plate is still visible in the image.

If you reselect the Identity Plate check box, deselect the Render on every image checkbox and then finally deselect the Indentity Plate checkbox again, you will end up with what is shown below. Notice the identity plate is no longer shown in the image.

Remember this is a known bug and Adobe should fix it in a future release. The good news is we know about it and we can fix it on our own.

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