The Mysterious Triangle in Adobe Lightroom

There is a mysterious triangle located in Lightroom just above the Previous and Reset buttons in the Develop module. See the picture to the left. As it turns out, the triangle is also above the Copy and Paste buttons in the same module. In fact, it appears above every pair of buttons in the various Lightroom modules.

I have seen blogs on the internet asking about this triangle. I almost called it the Bermuda Triangle of Adobe Lightroom except that it doesn’t cause any mysterious loss of pictures or data. In fact, I don’t believe it was the result of lost code or a beta leftover. I’ll show you excactly what the triangle is for!

Study this picture and you will notice the triangle is no longer there. It has disappeared. No, this is not a fancy setting in the options section. The triangle is actually a user friendly tool that your eyes will get used to seeing if you look for it. Notice in this picture the tool bar above it has been scrolled such that the bottom of the tool bar is showing. I.e., there is no more hidden tool bar in the panel at the bottom. Thus, the little arrow is gone.

Now go look at the photo we started with. Notice how the toolbar is extended below and out of view. Thus, the little arrow tells us there is more to view.

Sorry, no mystery here. In fact, the little arrow isn’t even developer’s eye candy to spice up the interface. It is simply a little reminder that there is more to see and it is hidden from view.

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