Deep Blacks and Silver-Like Greys

The Monochrom is producing black and white images that remind me so much of my days developing silver halide (which I still do, by the way, with a Leica MP). I have also written a variety of posts on how well the Fuji X100s in-camera JPEG’s deliver in terms of contrast, color and grain. I had the opportunity to shoot my mother-in-law’s barn again, only this time using the Monochrom. I took a variety of images, very similar to the X100s images. I’ve posted both galleries here for comparison. My conclusion is that the X100s does a fantastic job with the color JPEGs, but there isn’t a comparison yet for the black and white images from the Monochrom.

Note that both sets of images are exposed using ISO 3200.  See the additional shadow detail in some of the darker shots using the Monochrom.  Also, notice that the grain on the Monochrom shots are not easily visible and no noise reduction of any kind was used in post-processing.  Many of the Monochrom images were made at a metered exposure using a compensation of -1/3.  The highlights are blown on the outside sunlight, but I tried to maintain the highlights on the white boards within the barn.

Monochrom – Ann’s Barn

X100s – Ann’s Barn

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