Adobe Lightroom Version 2.0 Beta is Here!

Adobe has announced the release of a beta version for Lightroom 2.0! More importantly is the availability of the Beta to the public in general. As a registered Lightroom user you can use your existing key to install the Beta, which runs through August 2008. You can download the Beta version here at Adobe Labs and try it out.

There has been significant chatter since this release and a few of the new items are very interesting. However, the question begs: Will Adobe still work on and release version 1.4 (1.5??) to fix the last patch that had such big meta data problems? Or, will Adobe focus on 2.0?

Some of the great new enhancements in store for 2.0 include:

  • Two monitor support (where has this been!)
  • Tremendous upgrades to the slideshow and web gallery routines making them more efficient to use (they are already)
  • REAL sharpening on the print module

These are just a few of the items, view the Release Notes in order to see more.

I am downloading a copy now and will let you know what I find!

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