Print a Contact Sheet for filing with Negatives

This is part of my Image Conversion Workflow.

Printing a contact sheet is important to help identify the link between the negatvive or slide in storage with the digital image usedy by the computer. If disaster ever strikes, or you are looking for a negative or image, using a properly labeled contact sheet can make the different between a few minutes or a few hours of searching.
Print the contact sheet as scanned in. This would be after any keyword or metadata updates, but before any developing. Using this state of the image will allow viewing of the full image, including imperfections or parts of the negatives.

Printing an image after cropping or enhancing is misleading as to what the negative will show.

If you don’t already have a contact sheet template created, see this article on creating a contact sheet for instructions.

Put all contact sheets in archival page protectors, labeling with any additional information necessary and include them in the binders where the negatives or slides are stored. In the case of digital images, use a binder that sits with or next to the DVD and CD storage.

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