Wish – Slideshow Export to DVD or Quicktime

Adobe has made significant advancements in the Beta version of Lightroom 2. One weak area of the program is the Slideshow module which has received a lot of attention during this beta test. The discussion has centered around ways to create better slideshows outside of Lightroom so that they can be viewed without the original computer. While the web module has it’s own programming language and third parties have created a multitude of plugins for web work, the Slideshow remains stagnant. There has to be another solution.

How about creating additional exporting options? Instead of Flash, which can be done through the web interface, how about two other mediums: DVD’s (CD’s) or Quicktime Videos?

Wouldn’t it be great to export a slideshow to a DVD and send that as a [b]final product[/b] to someone? They could view the wedding pictures in their album, but also on their TV. Or, you could finish a shoot on location, quickly work up the images and export to a DVD for others to view in the media center that already has a DVD player hooked up. What about sending a movie to a group you went on vacation with? How about charging extra for a video of the images a customer has already paid for in print? The uses are endless.

If straight to a DVD is too dificult to program, how about creating a quicktime or other type of video file such that we could us a third party burning software to create the DVD?

This concept would remove the problems associated with a slideshow in PDF format and make the program all that more useful and portable.

Let me know what you think.

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