Workaround – Turning Gate Mono Slideshow Autoplay

Lightroom’s programming language for web galleries has it’s limitations and one we have found is with the autoplay function in the monoslideshow. The Turning Gate has a spectacular template for monoslideshow. Here’s the problem and the workaround.

If a monoslide show is playing in the preview window of Lightroom, then the upload to an ftp site will stick at 1% and fail. Unfortunately, when I cancelled the process by clicking in the ‘x’ next to the bar in the upper left hand corner of Lightroom – it stuck. Everything stopped and the process didn’t cancel. I could still use Lightroom, but the process hung around. Even when I closed Lightroom, it asked about stopping the process (I replied, yes).

Thus, the workaround is this: in the Appearance tab under Control Options, set the controls to auto hide as opposed to turning off the show controls checkbox. Then turn on the auto play check box in the Site Info tab under Main Gallery Attributes. Then proceed as normal to upload your slideshow and all should work fine!

Remember, if you get the error, the only way to recover is to close Lightroom and reopen it.

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