Lightroom Tip#14 – Really Quick Pick and Reject

How many times have you finished a shoot, uploaded your many images and then sighed because you knew it was time to go through and pick the images to keep and the ones to reject. Let’s get on with it already! I want to start using my images, fix them up and get them published in a gallery!

Michael Clark posted this tip a few days ago and it is steller in the arena of picking and rejecting your images.

Using the CAPS LOCK key in conjunction with the P and X keys to pick and reject photos will automatically take you to the next image in the group. This can be accomplished by holding the SHIFT key, but that requires two hands to operate. Using the CAPS LOCK key brings us back to using one hand.

Thanks Michael for the tip!

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  1. hi,

    another variant on this tip is to filter for unflagged photos only, then use x or p and the picture disappears from the filter, automagically moving you on to the next image.

    works for me. 🙂


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