LRG Complete to Get Digital Download!

Joe at Lightroom Galleries has been hard at work the past six months putting together a unique Adobe Lightroom Web Gallery that enables users to create galleries online and sell their images with Paypal, Google Checkout and plain ole’ emails.

Joe has now announced that he has figured out a method to add electronic downloadable images for sale as well. Termed ‘Digital Downloads’, this enhancement will mean you can not only place your prints for sale on the web, but soon you will be able to offer downloadable image files as well. Think about the possibilities!

Read the full post on Digital Delivery at Lightroom Galleries. The really neat concept here is that Joe is leveraging the work already done by a third party service to keep your digital images protected from hacking downloaders. The service he has incorporated into this Digital Download is LinkLok by Vibra Logix.

The LRG Complete web galleries are really shaping up to be not only unique, but a very high quality E-Commerce solution that is available to Adobe Lightroom users. Thanks, Joe for using your mental energies to create such a fantastic product!

Keep watching as the first official release is on the way.

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