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Backing up image files in Adobe Lightroom continues to be a hot topic. It is the most laborious and tedious part of my Lightroom workflow, but also the most necessary. Anyone that has lost an image because of poor backups, and I am one of those, will agree.

I found an interesting web site that reviews online backup sources. Many IT sources now look to online backups and online outsourcing as a way to get commercial quality hardware at a fraction of the price. Raid servers, offsite backups, redundant hardware – all terms that come up frequently for enterprise level backup routines.

Take a look at Online Backup Reviews and see if there is a source that is right for you.

From Adobe’s standpoint, it would be a nice feature to add the ability to backup a catalog and image library to an online source. For now, they may have to be done manually, but I suspect it will be added in the future as online abilities are required to stay competitive.

Who knows, we may even begin to see our working library as an online solution, available where ever we are in the world? I’m sure it will take higher bandwidth speeds as many have indicated the network speeds are not sufficient for transferring information, but then again, don’t you remember when a 56k modem was fast?

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