Lightroom Galleries

You have been seeing articles about the LRG Complete Web Gallery for Adobe Lightroom. Hopefully you have been able to keep up with the development going on. Joe over at Lightroom Galleries has been hard at work putting this new package together.

The really neat part about LRG Complete is that the web site design is completely independent from the Web Gallery. Each person can design the total number of pages and galleries they wish to use and upload them separately. You have complete control over the structure of your web site. This is unique in Lightroom Web Gallery design.

Another unique feature is the ability to have not one, not two, but three separate ways to sell your images online. LRG Complete has the ability to use PayPal, Google Checkout or just Email to order and pay for images online. This is also unique in Lightroom Web Gallery Design.

There are many, many more unique features in LRG Complete, so take a visit over to Lightroom Galleries. You can get there through the links in this article or the navigation menu on the side of my blog. Keep an eye out for the first public release of version 3.0!

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