LRB Portfolio – An Easy Lightroom Web Site!

Sean McCormack over at Lightroom Blog has created a new Adobe Lightroom Web Gallery that produces an entire web site with up to 6 galleries for show.

First, I’ll tell you there are several things I really like about this new web gallery. The appearance of this web gallery is very neat and clean. It is beauty in its simplicity. Even as Sean says, there are those out there that either already have a web site or want more customization. However, this web gallery provides a very neat and simple way to show a group of galleries and provide email contact about them. It’s cohesive and doesn’t require any html programming mutliple page uploads.

I like Sean’s use of the php mail forms to keep the email addresses private – a concept becoming increasingly more popular and is certainly more protective. I also like the ability to disable the right-clicking of the mouse and hence, easy downloads of your important images! Again, this is also more popular and important. Finally, something missing from many web galleries is an easy to use installation guide that explains the various settings of the web gallery.

All-in-all, this is a high quality Web Gallery for Lightroom 2 (2 Only, not Lightroom 1.x). Go on over to Lightroom Blog and check it out.

For those that already have a web site, I see another use for LRB Portfolio. It would be extremely easy to create sub web sites with this product just to show a specific event or portfolio. If you already have a web site at, then create one for and link it to your main site. You can later remove it if needed. The ability to generate a web site so quickly means you can add and subtract events all day long!

Great stuff, Sean!


  1. Do you have any tutorials as to how you would convert this to a subweb?

  2. John,

    The easiest way to do this is place the LRB Portfolio in a subdirectory from your main web. Then put a link to that web on your home page.

    For example, if you loaded the web gallery in mydomain/subweb then you could add a link to your home page to and it should call that site.

    I believe you can also add a hyperlink on the LRB Portfolio back to so that users can get back!

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