Lightroom 2.0 Keyword Upgrade Issue

It just goes to show how busy we sometimes become that we can miss important news about our favorite software – Adobe Lightroom 2.0. I spent such a large amount of time working on the Beta Test that when 2.0 came out I purchased, installed and went on.

Well, there’s a knowledgebase article about some problems updating from Lightroom 1.x to 2.0 regarding keywords. The issue is below, taken directly from Adobe’s web site:

When you update your catalog to Photoshop Lightroom 2, the Include On Export keyword tag option is not selected, so if you export your photos from Photoshop Lightroom 2, your keywords are not exported with your photos.

They have a fix that isn’t hard to install and use and the fix is a one time application. Take a look at their knowledge base article number kb405074 for a complete description.


  1. Note that this issue is fixed in Lightroom 2.1 RC, available from

  2. Richard, you are correct, but as this is a release candidate, I didn’t mention that.

    As a side note, the update for Lightroom 2.0 that is currently being tested is a fast turnaround for an update from Adobe. The changes look great and the database formats remain the same – no upgrading there.

    Thanks for the comment, Richard!

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