LRG Complete Advanced User’s Guide on the Way!

I am making the final edits to the Advanced User’s Guide for LRG Complete and trying to reduce the 20 megabyte file size. This Advanced Guide contains many examples and screen shots, so the filesize is large.

I promised to have it by September 30th and it looks like it will be out this week, so I’m sorry for a few days delay.

As a sneak preview, you already saw the chapter on setting up CoolIris to work with LRG Complete. Some other topics include tips on setting up test site, seven different ways to setup the Site Name and Description, several step by step examples on using Image Links in your Galleries and five different ways to setup your Image Titles and Captions. There is also 11+ pages on setting up emails and an effective email system.

A new feature I added to the Advanced User’s Guide was an appendix that contains over 20 worksheets and planning aids to help you design an effective web site with LRG Complete. Using this Advanced Guide along with the Basic User’s Guide and the LRG Complete Web Gallery, you will be able to create a custom web site that can be easily maintained through Adobe Lightroom.

Keep watching for the first edition this week!


  1. Glad I followed the link from LRG to your blog. Informative and interesting posts you have here.

    I’ve been using the LRG guide extensively and would have been lost without it. Thanks very much for all the work you’ve done. I’m looking forward to the advanced guide as I have some unresolved problems with the PayPal setup for digital downloads. Hopefully the advanced guide will set me straight. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Alex! I am finalizing the Index for the Advanced User’s Guide.

    I should note for you that I do not have the digital download section written yet (it is the only one). I am setting this up for my site and using that as a test for writing the chapter.

    This has worked out well as I have had to overcome a few challenges myself. Luckily I have solved them so far!

    I will post that chapter as soon as it is written, which I expect will be a month or so.

    Thanks again for the kind words!

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