Translations for LRG Complete Basic User’s Guide

We have a good group of international folks using Lightroom Galleries LRG Complete for Adobe Lightroom. If anyone would like to volunteer to translate the Basic User’s Guide that comes with the Web Gallery then read on.

I would be happy to work with anyone wanting to translate the Basic User’s Guide to another language for LRG Complete. I use a program called Help & Manual by EC Software. It allows me to produce high quality PDF files as well as help files and web sites, all from one document.

The good news about Help & Manual is not only the publishing flexibility, but they also designed a superior translation method. I can send a simple file with the English text to someone. They can edit it in Help & Manual and translate the English to another language. Then they can return that file to me and I can publish it with pictures, table of contents and all! As more changes are made, new sections are synchronized to the foreign language file and then the translation for the new sections can be added. It’s extremely easy to keep all the changes properly synched.

Now for the bad news. The best way to be sure everything is kept intact and synched is to use Help & Manual, which costs some money.

If you are interested, take a look at Help & Manual and see if you are still interested. You can contact me from my web page at Outdoor Images Fine Art. Be sure to leave me a valid email address!

Thanks for considering contributing to the work.

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