LRG Advanced User’s Guide Updated

This is the first official update to the LRG Complete Advanced User’s Guide. Several new items have been added including a chapter on using Digital Image Downloading.

Highlights include:

  • A Chapter on using and testing Digital Image Downloading
  • Using Google GMail directly with SMTP Email
  • Updates and New Worksheets in the Appendix
  • A Color Chart to use with Selecting Colors
  • A modified version of the DID File to allow for the use of PHP Mailer Includes
  • Other maintenance items

Here is the original article on the LRG Complete Advanced User’s Guide.

Remember that if you have already purchased one, your link will download this update for free.


  1. Thank you for the update. However, the original link that I got is giving me a blank page with the single message “Could not open file”. Please advise.

    Richard Haber

  2. Richard,

    You are correct! The uploaded file was corrupt. I have fixed it and tested the download links you have received.

    All works fine now. Thank you, Richard!

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