Poor Economy and Free Time

Ok, so this doesn’t sound like something from a photography blog. I can guarantee that it is relevant, though. The poor economy took my day job in September so I have been working hard to establish a form of income. This means that my free time for photography had to be reallocated to starting up a business. See, Poor Economy = Less Free Time.

Now for some good news on the Lightroom front. I have been reviewing a pre-beta version of LRG Complete (dubbed version 4) and I can tell you – it really rocks! My favorite new feature is the addition of a group of new fonts available to choose from. Now each site can have a whole new look and the LRGC weg sites will no longer take on the form of the old row houses.

Not only can you continue to customize your look and feel with colors and different background images and identity plates. Now you can also use a variety of fonts to give viewers a sense of who you are and what you are about.

As always, Joe has fixed a few things that were broken and taken many suggestions to hear adding them into this next major rewrite. For example, Joe has done some more work to the back stage part of the contact page and it now operates more like a standard page instead of the red-headed step child. Also, Joe fixed the site title text to appear on the top of the identity plate if you use an image. Prior to this version it was behind the image.

Since I illuded to a new career at the top of this post, I might as well tell you that I started a CPA firm. You can guess what I used to create my web site. Correct! While it will always be a work in progress, Financial Resources and Consulting Group has taken a great photography tool and turned it into a simple business web site.

If you visit, you’ll see how I used a logo for the photography and included mounds of text about the various services I offer. I have plans to put some CPA type photography on the pages as well, but that takes time. My current focus is finding clients!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our development efforts. As this new version gets ready for release, we will be working on updates to the basic and advanced user’s guides.

I will continue to post here, but the frequency will slow somewhat. Thanks for staying with me and keep watching for the newest version in this one-of-a-kind photography plug in for Adobe Lightroom!


  1. Oh man, that was the one thing was disappointed in, the fonts! I can’t wait for the update.

    Thanks again for an amazing tool!


  2. LRG4 is in pre Beta testing. With the enhancements Joe has made, there are many details to be sure work as expected. We uncover some needed fixes as we go and Joe corrects them. Most importantly, many of the items asked for in the forums have been addressed.

    Stay tuned, it really is on the way!

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