Fuji X-Pro1 and Iridient Developer – Sharp as a Tack

Coming from someone that absolutely loves Adobe Lightroom, I have to say, the Iridient Developer has a great many positive attributes to processing RAW (RAF) images from the Fuji X-Trans Sensors.  This was a simple macro shot of a Caladium leaf that had rain drops left.  The color was true and very little contrast was added.  Click to take a look at the full image which I scaled down to 1000 x 1500.

caladium leaf with rain drops

caladium leaf with rain drops

Lightroom doesn’t yet have the processing to read these X-Trans files with such clarity.  To be fair, Lightroom does a stellar job with my Leica raw files, but not the Fuji X files.  I’m at the point where I will develop a workflow around Iridient and let you know how I decide to incorporate that into Lightroom.

Oh, and by the way, this was shot with the XF 60mm macro lens.  The image was taken using ISO 1600, 1/500 sec at f/5.0.  So, with a high f/stop, look at the great round bokeh from the out of focus rain drops.  It’s maintained with the f/stop leaves, which Fuji designed for this purpose.  Also, look at the color and clarity at ISO 1600, once again, great job by Fuji.

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