SUSE Linux: Dell GX520 SATA Drive Install

Using SUSE Linux is wonderful for secure and stable web platforms. Recently I was installing SUSE Linux on a Dell Optiplex GX520 and I kept getting a really odd error:

isolinux: Disk Error 01, AX=0201, Drive 80

As it turns out, this is due to the SATA drive which is the primary drive in a Dell GX520. Here is the workaround to let the installation continue.

First, enter the bios or setup when the computer boots. On a GX520, this means pressing the F2 key when the boot screen appears. Go down to the Drives section of the bios and select the SATA drive. Then set this drive to the compatibility mode. Exit while saving the changes and that’s all there is! This allows the SUSE installation to find the SATA drive and allow the installation to continue.

Next you probably will want to see the article I wrote on the Installation of SUSE Linux on a GX520 with a USB Keyboard as your troubles are not yet over. Luckily that article gives you a solution!

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