Film Grain and GEM

This is part of my Scanning Images Workflow and the settings used on my negative to digital image scanner. Film Grain and GEM Film grain is similar to noise present in a digital image from a CCD. Film grain isn’t as noticeable in slower speed films and small print sizes…. 

Scanning Negatives – Hardware Considerations – Part II

In our Part I Post on Scanning Negatives – Hardware Considerations we discussed the properties of light, film and glass (lenses) in making the perfect photograph. We then showed that these same properties are used to scan the negatives or slides when turning them into digital images. Here we discuss… 

Scanning Negatives – Hardware Considerations – Part I

Let’s start with a little theory. I propose that the same considerations taken into account in creating a perfect photograph also need taken into account when determining a scanner to convert film to digital negatives. To prove this, let’s start with a brief discussion on the photography. A great photograph,…