Lightroom Presets

Lightroom makes especially functional use of presets and templates (for web galleries). Photoshop allows a user to add preset tools in a list, but the presets are of all types and to find one a user has to scroll throughout the list looking for the correct tool.

Lightroom has various sections where presets can be stored and used, but each is unique to the module being worked in. For example, you can store templates or presets for meta data to attach to newly imported images. I use this template for my copyright and ownership information – i.e., information that should appear in every image no matter what.

There are also presets that can be saved for items such as custom cropping aspects. I use 11×14, 13×19 and 11×17 here.

Printing, slideshows and web layouts all have user definable presets or templates available. This makes repeat work in these areas a snap. The printing area I use the most and it is finally nice to have a way to set printing properties without having to reset the printer each time.

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