Lightroom Presets Available – Black & White Filters

I specialize in black and white photography and the corresponding workflow in Adobe Lightroom and other products. However, color digital photography may eventually takeover film, so I have created a set of Lightroom Development Presets that emulate existing popular black and white filters. You can download the presets in this… 

Managing Lightroom Galleries on the Web

This is part of my Web Workflow using Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom is such an efficient tool, I developed a method for managing the web sites I create so that updates are available with minimum fuss and little manual work. The hard part is creating the first page or gallery…. 

Lightroom Presets

Lightroom makes especially functional use of presets and templates (for web galleries). Photoshop allows a user to add preset tools in a list, but the presets are of all types and to find one a user has to scroll throughout the list looking for the correct tool. Lightroom has various…