Lightroom Tip#12-Turning Off Unused Panels

Because Adobe Lightroom works so well on laptops for field or trip work, keeping a tight reign on screen space is important. Even with larger laptop screens, the develop tools and other areas in Lightroom can take up a lot of space needed for image work. Here is a tip that will remove some of the clutter and make working in Lightroom easier and customizable for you.

Some of the many panels in Lightroom are not necessary for every user. Some may find the folders panel in the Library module not useful to them. Some may find the camera calibration panel in the Develop module is not necessary. Personally, I don’t use either the camera calibration panel or the lens correction panel.

So why not hide those panels? Hidden panels do not take up more screen space and do not clutter the work area and cause a user to mover around in them needlessly.

To remove a panel from view, simply right-click on any panel name on the side that contains panels to hide. Then choose the name of the panel to hide. It should have a check mark beside it indicating it is in view. After clicking on the panel name, the check mark and the panel disappear. See the image to the right where the camera calibration and the lens correction panels are hidden in the Develop module.

To show the panel again, simply right-click again on any panel and select the panel to show. It will not contain a check if it is already hidden. After selecting it again the menu for that panel will be checked and the panel will be shown.

Notice that the menu also has collapse all and expand all menu items. This will expand or collapse all panels to use or store information.

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