LRG Complete 2.5.7 User’s Guide Finished

The user’s guide for LRG Complete 2.5.7 is finished and can be downloaded on the link in the sidebar. Joe has outdone himself again as he continues to make so many user requested changes. See the Lightroom Galleries blog for more updates and the new features Joe is adding. Keep an eye out there for the long awaited Digital Downloading option! Please consider a donation if you find this template useful as Joe has spent a large amount of time developing it, and this Web Gallery is unique for Lightroom. There is no other Web Gallery like this today!

Note that the User’s Guide now has a completely rewritten QuickStart section that is up to date with the 2.5.7 release candidate. The E-Commerce QuickStarts are in process, but the reference section on the E-Commerce is extremely detailed, so read this carefully in lieu of a QuickStart for now.

Other changes were made, so give the User’s Guide a quick glance if you have used it before.

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