The Photographer’s Eye Essays and Study

The Photographer’s Eye by Michael Freeman is a superb text on learning to visualize an image with a camera and create art. In my introductory post I gave you an overview of the book and told you I would be creating a group of essays on the text, each with an exercise to practice the theories presented in the book. This post will be organization of these essays and allow you to keep up with me on the study. Bookmark this article so you can visit or reference our work.

For notational purposes, I am using EYE and a number to denote these essays. Also, in order to keep the copyrights properly noted, all references to ‘The Photographer’s Eye’ and the terms ‘Frame Shape’ or ‘Frame’ as used here are copyrighted by Michael Freeman. The essays are my reflections on the chapter’s of his book, The Photographer’s Eye, and unless noted otherwise, the exercises are created solely by me to further the study of Michael Freeman’s concepts.



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