LRG Complete Advanced User’s Guide Almost Ready

I have been working on an Advanced User’s Guide for LRG Complete. In this User’s Guide I discuss in much more detail the Paypal and Google Checkout options including how to set up taxes and shipping at both online merchant services. I’ve included extensive detail on Google Analytics as well as a detailed tutorial on the MP3 player and updating song lists.

I have put together numerous examples of headings and menu systems for the Shell Web Gallery and created worksheets to help you plan your color schemes and your website layout. I also discuss using the email ordering system with customized settings to allow SMTP emails.

There are many more topics discussed in this Advanced User’s Guide. If you have a specific topic you would like covered, leave me a comment here so I can consider including it! My goal is to have this finished in time for the release of LRG Complete 3.0 with an early release out for you to review.

Let me know what you would like to see!


  1. I can’t wait for this guide as I think it will touch-up on the subjects that are more detailed. I have been very pleased with both your efforts, and Joe’s in putting this together.
    For me the biggest request is to have a good understanding of the digital downloads as I’m having some issues in getting this up.
    Can’t wait!!!! Hope all is well…Ricardo

  2. I think more needs to be written about modifications to mail.php. I have been looking at it for a couple of days and though it is well commented, I am still having a problem getting the script to send mail properly. My host is Yahoo Small Business which has the requirement of the from address being from your domain. I have dabbled in php in the past and understand a lot of the script, but am not having much luck with modifying the script to do what I need.
    Anyway, more on mail.php and possible changes to the settings or even a better explanation of what is there would be quite welcome.

  3. Alfred,

    Thanks for the comment. I have actually created a whole section on the emailing system. Because this involves so many pieces, I have reserved it for the advanced user’s guide. I think you will be happy with the level of detail on sending emails.

    I have setup my copy of LRG Complete to use my internet provider’s email (, now AT&T) and send emails to my Google Mail account.

    Both the contact page and the email order system work flawlessly.

    Thanks again.


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