Old Buildings In Fresh Snow

Where we live, getting snow in March that actually causes school to be cancelled is a rare occurrence. More interesting is the high temperature five days later will be 70 degrees farenheit. Weather!

Here is an image of a location I have been watching during my daily commute that past 14 years waiting for the right moment. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter grey – nothing brought me to a halt to say ‘that needs to be on film.’ Well, this winter storm came and I decided to seek out this spot.

What I liked most about this picture is the old white siding now weathered grey really stands out in the snow. The Earnheart’s sign is the center draw to my eye and the subtle green on the pine mixed with the rust beside the broken window add just enough color. This snow scene almost lends itself to black and white but the splash of color.

The time was as the sun had just come up, about 7:30 am. This gives the snow the bluish tint. I used a 35mm at f4 and 1/125 of a second. As always, I used the M8’s slowest ISO at 160.

I metered using and incident meter, but having a little sun backlighting the scene, I decided I wouldn’t trust it. The weathered grey came out to 1/125 of a second using the spot meter, so I went with it.

One of the most satisfying photos for me is having a result that takes little to no manipulation after exposure. This scene has had sharpening applied, but no modification of any other kind. That is rare for me, but I am happy.


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