Leica X2 or Fuji X100s – Which to Take with Me?

The Fuji X100s has such great usability and the sensor detail is superb with the 35mm (equivalent) f/2.0 lens.  The Leica X2 has the same focal length, but starts at f/2.8, has a much slower focus, far fewer settings and uses a dial for the f/stop rather than a ring around the lens like the X100s.  So, the question is, which one should I take with me as a grab camera for an overnight trip to Washington DC?  My instinct was to take the X100s, for obvious reasons here and in other posts.  In fact, even though I love to shoot the Leica Monochrom and the Leica M9-P, I was considering trading in the X2 along with the M9-P for a new Leica M (240) – when my turn comes of course.

Then something happens causing me to think some more.  I have the X2 with me when an absolutely spectacular sunset presents itself and this is what I get.  The images below are out-of-the-camera JPEG’s (OOC), and were shot using ISO 1600 and f/4.0.  No modification was made except export sharpening for uploading here.

Sunset Glowing Embers

glowing evening embers


Blazing Bushes Sunset

blazing bushes sunset


last glowing minutes

last glowing minutes

Click these to see larger images.

I tell you, the color IQ of the Leica X2 is still amazing.  The sharpness of the individual plant stems and the lack of aberrations around the brightly lit plants and trees is astounding for such a small pocket camera.  One thing I find with the X100s is the flare on the lens for certain direct light shots.  The Fuji has great color and detail, but I find direct light tends to disperse more inside the lens than the Leica glass.

So, which one will I take?  I’ll decide in the morning before I leave, but it will probably be the Leica….

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  1. My vote is for the X100S…

    coincidently I just did a little 4 day trip to DC and made great use of the little Fuji – super glad I brought with as I ended up making about 80% of the images I made with it vs my D600 which I also lugged…


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