Fuji X100s – Oops! Forgot to reset the ISO!

It was a dark and stormy night… For those of you who remember the Peanuts cartoon strips, that was the beginning of every story Snoopy wrote on his typewriter, atop his doghouse.   In this case, it was a foggy, perfect photo morning. I had been watching for a good… 

Film Grain and GEM

This is part of my Scanning Images Workflow and the settings used on my negative to digital image scanner. Film Grain and GEM Film grain is similar to noise present in a digital image from a CCD. Film grain isn’t as noticeable in slower speed films and small print sizes…. 

New Noise Reduction Feature in Lightroom 1.4 Update

Adobe didn’t make many large enhancements to their just released Update to version 1.4 outside of continuing to enhance the compatibility of RAW cameras and updates in Adobe RAW (now version 4.4). However, they did make one very welcomed change to those of us that like black and white photography…