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A Tribute to René Burri

René Burri was not only a Magnum photographer, but an inspiration to many photographers.  Swiss born in 1933, René Burri passed on October 20, 2014.  There is much written about him and his photographs surround the internet.  His wikipedia article can be found here. Here I leave my tribute to… 

2014-1003-Kelli Looking Out Charleston Bay-DavidKnoble-1000844

Leica X (Typ 113) Review – Part 2

I took the X to Charleston, South Carolina for the weekend to see how it might perform.  Overall, the focus was fast and write speed was so quick I had no hold-up in writing to the SD Card while shooting photographs.  I still have to get used to the changes between… 

Leica X Type 113 - ISO 6400

Leica X (Type 113) Review – Part 1

Hopefully, if time permits, I will get several parts out for this review.  For now, this is a quick look at some out-of-camera JPEG’s (OOC for short).  I looked carefully at the same OOC JPEGs in the Fuji X series and was pleased.  Let’s see what we find here in… 

Black and Silver, both with a Leica Elmarit-M 50mm f/2.8 Collapsable including Leitz deep rear lens cap, sun shade and front lens cap.  Notice the Black Leica M has unique engraving and a black Leica dot.

The Leica M60 – An LCD-less Digital Camera?

I love the concept of an LCD-less digital camera.  I have been amazed at all the negative hype for such a concept.  Now, the Leica M60 is a special edition stainless-steel camera beyond the reach of most to purchase.  Besides, after spending that money, who would want to scuff it… 

MP Film Camera and Lenses

Leica Announces Little Impact to the M-System at Photokina

Anyone that follows my photography knows that I love the Leica M rangefinder system -using digital and film bodies – and the Leica glass is second to none in most instances.  So, with 3 new M bodies, 10 new lenses and 4 new cases introduced at Photokina, why am I… 

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11 – A New Perspective

While in New York during spring break this April, we took an opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial.  The time there impacted me such that I was moved to write an photographic essay on the Memorial.  When I read it, I remember, very vividly, that day.  It seemed like an… 

Moby relaxing after hard play.

Fuji X – In Camera Perfection

One of my favorite features of the Fuji X-Series cameras, including the X-T1 and previous models, is the in-camera RAW processing features.  Ironically enough, like the famous James Bond inventor of magical spy tools, this Fuji feature is accessed using the ‘Q’ button. This portrait of our newest kitten was… 

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What Makes a Great Camera Lens?

This is a loaded question depending on who you speak with.  Some are tied to brands and some to focal lengths.  The purpose of this discussion is to figure out what weaknesses a typical lens has and which of those weaknesses may be most important to have fixed.  Finding a… 

Graceful Pose

A Tribute to Sandstorm

Sandstorm, or Sandi as she was affectionately known, left us last week suddenly.  We found her sleeping on back porch and gently laid her to rest in our kitten graveyard.  My eldest son picked her and we rescued her from the animal shelter in 2008.  She will be sorely missed…. 

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The Music of the Night – the Noctilux

This describes the Noctilux f/1.0 lens… Night time sharpens, heightens each sensationDarkness stirs and wakes imaginationSilently the senses abandon their defensesHelpless to resist the notes I writeFor I compose the music of the night This is from the song, The Music of the Night, from the Phantom of the Opera.  It remains…